2012 Concerts

Way over 100 shows in 2012- a personal record!


My cool turnaround trip to Vegas

Five memorable stops:

3 Concerts

Steel Panther Green Valley Ranch Henderson, NV

Spazmatics Southpoint Casino Las Vegas

Confessions of  A Rock Star Riviera Las Vegas

One Sporting Event and a Trip to The Amusement Park on the way Home:


Strikeforce January 7, 2012 at the Hard Rock Hotel

I’ve been an MMA fan for a long time- about 16 years. I have been to almost 50 UFCs, K-1s, Strikeforces and all the other events that have gone under over the years. I was in Vegas and decided to see if I could attend the show. I stood out front for a while trying to score an extra without paying box office prices. I realized that wearing a suit wasn’t good for haggling, so I went and changed into a wrinkly shirt and some pants. I sat at at a video poker machine and overheard a guy trying to get rid of extra seats. Having just memorized the map, I asked him where the seats were. He said Section 101. That’s a great section and tickets were going for around $100. I had $2 in my hand and $40 in my front pocket, so I offered him that much and he took it. Dead center about 10 rows back. It was perfect. Thanks to Chris for hooking me up!!  Right after the KO in the main event, I headed to Steel Panther in Henderson.





My “souvenir” from the event:

photo (12)_thumb

Pictures from the Green Valley Ranch parking structure in Henderson, NV after the MMA event at the Hard Rock Hotel:



Universal Studios/ Gibson Amphitheatre- January 9

In driving home from Vegas, I needed to do some investigative research concerning the fact that the Gibson Amphitheatre may go away in favor of a new Harry Potter attraction at Universal Studios.   This sucks on many, many levels.   I briefly spoke with a rep from Universal that explained that it may take place in 2015 and that construction contracts had not been signed yet.   He also said that there may be a smaller venue built on the CityWalk side of the complex.   Still, this completely sucks!!  He seemed as bummed as I did and even told me he saw shows there back when it actually was an outdoor amphitheater.    I never liked anything about Harry Potter in the first place.   You can imagine how I feel now.  Here are some pics from my quick trip through Universal.    


The Van Halen guitar is still up!!!


Check out this lady’s hat- it RULES!!



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