2012 Concerts

Way over 100 shows in 2012- a personal record!

That Metal Bar- VIPER ROOM- a must-see event if you are a metal head!



THAT METAL BAR – DJ Dave Wave and Railroad to Alaska The Viper Room 10/4/2012 After HCTM, I took a stroll to The Viper Room just before midnight so I could finally witness That Metal Bar – the brainchild of true heavy metal aficionado "DJ Dave Wave" When I went upstairs, there was a killer band playing called Railroad To Alaska. They rocked. The singer/guitarist had a great stage presence about him and he sounded really good. It was heavy music, for sure. At one point, they did a song with a rather contrasting intro that had some pretty intense vocal harmonies before rocking out. It was quite unexpected, but the song got pretty heavy from there. This was another band I just happened to see at The Viper Room that I’d definitely go back again for (All Hail The Yet was the band I became a fan of…

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