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Way over 100 shows in 2012- a personal record!

Here Come The Mummies House of Blues Sunset 10/4/2012














Song from the show

Here Come The Mummies House of Blues Sunset 10/3/2012

This was the perfect way to start October and get ready for Halloween. I was told about this Here Come The Mummies from a friend a while back who had seen them in concert.

I didn’t get to the music hall until the opener, Jimmy Lifton, was just finishing up. He and his band sounded really good.

In between bands, I was told by an enthusiastic fan that Here Come The Mummies is a mysterious group of musicians from Nashville, TN – most likely studio or otherwise musicians that are doing a great job at concealing their identities.

It’s kind of reminiscent of the members of the band Ghost decked out in their mummy costumes and being musicians that you probably already know or have at least heard of.

Anyhow, they came on stage and played some funky R&B tunes. The entire band was great – a strong horn section, a killer bass player, guitarist/singer, keyboardist and some great drummers/ percussionists. Between the costumes, the funny / odd music and the vibe, this show was too cool.

Some of their songs were kind of offensive or at least suggestive in nature. Being that the music is for an older crowd, it’s not a big deal.

The show was fast-paced and exciting throughout. The music was very danceable. I really enjoyed watching other people spaz out at the show and witnessed some of the worst dancing ever.

There were some people that didn’t seem to get out very often. I laughed on the inside quite a bit during this show.

I’ll definitely see them again.


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