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Way over 100 shows in 2012- a personal record!

Barbarian Overlords Rocked the House of Blues Sunset 9/17/2012

Barbarian Overlords Rocked the House of Blues Sunset 9/17/2012


I was first made aware of Brandon Kachel as he started gaining recognition for his drumming (and love for John Bonham) when he landed an appearance in a Bonzo tribute gig with The Moby Dicks.   Brandon is such a Bonzo devotee that he has wrestled professionally under the name “Brandon Bonham”.  How cool is that?

Brandon plays in the Barbarian Overlords, a four piece rock n roll band.  After seeing them perform on YouTube, I made the trek out to the House of Blues to see them open for Steel Panther.   What a good call that was. 

From the moment they started playing, I didn’t exactly feel like it was 2012 and that was a good thing.  

The band tore through a killer 30 minute set of great, original tunes.  They’re high energy blues-based rock that really delivers.    The crowd took a real liking to their solid grooves, killer guitar playing and great vocals.  It was so refreshing to see real music played by real people.  There’s the evident Led Zeppelin influence in the band’s style that they work well and make it their own.  Not too many bands these days jam like these guys.   The powerful set left the crowd buzzing.   They have the serious potential to really make it big and they deserve to get a big break.   And they have a cool name, too.    Be sure to check out their self-titled album and be on the lookout for their upcoming new release. 

Brent A. Nuffer – vocals
GK Via – bass
Joe Spadaro – guitar
Brandon Kachel – drums

Barbarian Overlords Performing Live House of Blues Sunset 9/17/2012





Who came out for this show? Glen Sobel, Spiderman and a bunch of other notable folks!!




Barbarian Overlords Rocked the House of Blues Sunset 9/17/2012

Not only did they do a great set, they are cool guys with great stories.

Backstage video clips of the band discussing their music and other fun stuff




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