2012 Concerts

Way over 100 shows in 2012- a personal record!


When food was being served outside at the Yamaha event, I saw two guys comparing G-n-R tattoos.  I had to take a picture.   When I went back inside, I ended up eating at a table with “Haz7Max” and his buddy, Daniel.


I took an instant liking to these guys- they were just cool people. 


While eating, we were joking around with Phil X and some of his buddies at a neighboring table.  While Billy put on the new Niacin album (which sounds awesome!), he started talking to Max about music.


Max told him he was a harmonica player (Billy mentioned that he also plays) and they talked about a new harmonica with 30 reeds.     



At the conclusion of the event, we decided to meet up on the patio at the Rainbow.  Not but a few minutes after I parked off of Sunset did they roll up and park next to me- same lot and everything.  It just sort of ended up that way.  With how perfect everything was that day, it didn’t surprise me in the least.   


We ended up hanging at The Rainbow for a while.   I found out that Max is from Italy and Daniel is from South Africa.

Max busted out his harmonica and jammed a bit.    It was funny hearing a harmonica drown out a Prong song at the Rainbow.  He was rocking it to the delight of everyone in hearing distance.

After a while, we took a cruised around The Sunset Strip trying to find a show to catch.   That’s when things got really interesting…..


We end up cruising and then stopping while Haz7Max plays the harmonica.  He was just jamming out.  Bus stops opposite iconic venues are good places for impromptu harmonica sessions in Hollywood. 


Pretty soon we spot a camera crew that’s shooting some type of movie across the street from The Roxy.  

Somebody in the shoot heard Max playing and the director comes over to talk to him.  

He’s genuinely interested.


He told us in detail about the movie he’s working on (working title:  “Grace Unplugged”).


As he puffs away at his cigar, he ends up having a long conversation about all kinds of stuff like trips he’s taken to Italy, the movie industry and other cool stories…

Next thing you know, Max is performing in front of one their cameras. 


Cars are racing by as Max just kills it on the harmonica.  Some cars slow and he ends up getting a lot of people’s attention.


We then talked to the camera man for a while. Very nice guy.    And he has an Italy shirt on!   He also discusses tales of Italy with Max as the footage is reviewed and discussed.


We then crossed the street and went back to The Rainbow where Max jammed some more. 

He even found some accompaniment from Joe of the Barbarian Overlords.   That rocked.




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  3. Haz7maX

    That’s really ganzo (cool) bro!! This article brings me back to the 80s when people were so much into this Rockers World!! We were lucky to be around the SAME METAL SHOW that night!! Rock’n’Roll Damnation..take your chance while you still got a choice (AC7DC)..and we did!! (Haz7maX)..

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