2012 Concerts

Way over 100 shows in 2012- a personal record!


Blondie & Devo: Whip It To Shreds Tour


Blondie and Devo are two of my favorite bands from elementary school.    Their music and videos were way ahead of their time.

I’ve seen both bands twice before and thought they were spectacular each time.  I first saw Blondie in 2006 opening up for The New Cars.  It was an outstanding concert.   The first time I saw Devo was at The Greek on Halloween of the same year.   That was an incredible show.  I was floored.

Oddly enough, I saw each of them play again in 2011 – Blondie played at the Club Nokia. 

and Devo played at the Canyon Club in Agoura.   


I got to the venue via the “pretty route” (I drove up past the observatory) and, upon parking, instantly ran into a friend I’d been wanting to see. Serendipity, for sure.  It was fun to hang out and talk concerts before the show.

It was pretty easy to get into the venue.   The show itself started a little after 7:30. 

Even in their mostly “advanced ages”, both bands put on a delightful performance and are as good as ever.   And Debbie is a quite the sexy older lady.

It was another grand evening at the Greek – it was about 80 degrees in the afternoon and about 70 degrees by the time the show wrapped up- almost perfect September concert weather in the most beautiful outdoor venue around.



Blondie has a killer backing band and so does Devo.  There was a really cool stage show for each band. 

In case you’re wondering, Jeff Friedl was on drums for Devo. 

I just saw him play recently with Filter (and he was also on tour with Devo last year).  Jeff is an incredible drummer.  I did catch Devo with Josh Freese in 2006 and they are both well qualified for the gig and then some…

As usual, Devo totally brought it.    It was a solid set list that included a great encore. The lights, the keyboards, the tunes, the awesome drumming- it completely jammed.   My favorites were “Don’t Shoot (I’m A Man)”, “What We Do”, “Girl U Want”, “Whip It” and “That’s Good”.  Every song was great and all the folks with the energy domes sure looked happy at the conclusion of their set.

I saw Bobby Blotzer (drummer for Queensryche and Ratt) enjoying the show not too far from where I was at.  

I’m sure there were a lot of musicians out from all types of music to check out the talent here. 

Set list for DEVO:

DEVO Setlist Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, USA 2012, 2012 Whip It to Shreds Tour (with Blondie)



Blondie came out a little after 9:00 with “Dreaming”.  She did most of her hits, except “The Tide is High” (kinda bummed about that- she could have worked it in somewhere).  Regardless, she did a good job on the songs she did play.   “Rapture” was a definite highlight in the set.  Clem Burke was awesome on the drums.  Like last time, they played a song with really pretty Flamenco guitar.  Good stuff.   Debbie is so cool.   She belted out all the tunes quite well.   In addition to her own material, this time out, she did “No Sleep Til Brooklyn” by the Beastier Boys (last time was “Fight For Your Right To Party” and did a great version of “Relax” by Frankie Goes To Hollywood (and last time, she did a ZZ Top song- “Sharp Dressed Man”.   Blondie rocked it and, to the delight of the crowd, closed out with “Heart of Glass”.


Set list for BLONDIE:

Whip It to Shreds


Blondie Setlist Greek Theatre, Los Angeles, CA, USA 2012, 2012 Whip It to Shreds Tour (with Devo)

This was a great evening of really fun new wave music played by two great bands.



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