2012 Concerts

Way over 100 shows in 2012- a personal record!

The “Music” and Entertainment at K-1 LA Sports Arena 9/8/2012 K-1 RISING kickboxing

This music didn’t really seem to jive with the sport of Kickboxing and the otherwise classy image of K-1.


My first K-1 USA was in 1998 at The Mirage.   I used to go to the K-1s in Vegas as much as possible until they stopped doing them around 2007.

They were elegant events in nice venues/ ballrooms in hotels.

People dressed up, there were tons of celebrities and everything was top-notch.


The “comeback” tonight was great in terms of matches and action, but the entertainment and some of the production left a TON to be desired.   

Taiko drums and Japanese flute?  Cool.  Fits the theme.

I loved the impressive music equipment and some of the theatrics, but was this Guitar Hero Rock Band night at K-1? 

DJs are mostly for raves and weddings.  

Anyone remember DJ Hapa from the MMA event at the Coliseum?

I’m considering bringing an iPod and a blindfold to the next event….






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