2012 Concerts

Way over 100 shows in 2012- a personal record!




Quick Thoughts:

Good stuff:


Lots of action

Quite a few fights

Good value for the money


Bad stuff:

The wait time/ delay to get in was ridiculous.   

It was a poorly run event with horrible security and lack of crowd control.

The LA Sports Arena is a complete shit hole.    It was 22 years ago I last went to this venue.  It will be 22 more before I return again.

The announcing sucked.  The local news guy on the microphone didn’t know shit about K-1 and completely mispronounced easy names.

The “music” was god awful.  I review concerts and this was the absolute worst music I’ve heard in forever.   This needs to be changed or simply go away at the next event.  I may even spend more time analyzing how terrible it was and what a disgrace it is to have this type of music in a K-1 event.

I hope K-1 USA is successful, but it needs to make some big changes to make it so. 










K-1 Photos (part 2)


Randy Blake defeated Dewey Cooper UD

Jarrell Miller defeated Jack May  Round1 KO

Rick Roufus defeated Mighty Mo SD
Xavier Vigney defeated Seth Petruzelli  TKO Round 2
Jeremiah Metcalf defeated Markhaile Wedderburn KO Round 1

Gabriel Varga defeated Lerdsila Chumpairtour UD

Kang En defeated Travis Garlits UD

Shuichi Wentz defeated Romie Adanza Round1 KO

Chaz Mulkey defeated  Kit Cope Round 2 TKO

Michael Mananquil defeated Scotty Leffler UD

Joey Pagliuso defeated Ben Yelle  Rd. 3 TKO
Justin Greskiewicz defeated  Bryce Krause Round 3 TKO

James Wilson defeated Doug Sauerof  Round 1 KO

Damien Early defeated Jermaine Soto Round 3 KO
Mike Lemaire def. Glen Spencer UD


8 comments on “K-1 RISING LOS ANGELES SPORTS ARENA 9/8/2012

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  2. Nneka

    Judging from the pics, I think K-1 did a good job when it comes to production quality and presentation and improved on the previously held K-1 Spain event. Once again K-1 delivered with great fights and KO’s. They need float on this positive wave, pick up the comments from people and keep improving this way.

    Looking forward to the Last 16 and Finals with a lot bigger names and better fighters. Promises fireworks!

  3. Nneka

    Who, from heavyweight, showed most potential you think?

    • ConcertDude

      I thought Jarrell Miller and Xavier Vigney were the most impressive. I was saddened by the Roufus/ Might Mo match (I’m huge fans of both of them and it wasn’t very exciting), but thought Rick had a great game plan and effectively dodged Mo’s bombs. I don’t really think Rick will fare well against a younger, faster fighter if that’s what is in the works for his upcoming match. I didn’t actually stay for the entire Randy Blake/ Dewey Cooper match, so I’m not too sure about Randy’s potential.

  4. info

    wait until Glory comes to town

  5. Anonymous

    If you review concerts, I suggest you find a new career – I was there with a group of 20 sitting in the second level, and we all thought the music especially fit the venue – The energy of the drums made it feel like gladiators going to war –
    I do agree with the crowd control & security. They were very unorganized – no wonder the sports arena can’t attract large events like this

    • ConcertDude

      Thanks for taking the time to reply. Any and all feedback is good.

      The Taiko drumming was actually very cool and would have been great by itself and fits the theme of the show.

      Banging on trash cans and playing Guitar Hero-type instruments (that computer guitar and those electronic drums were a joke!) is certainly not appropriate for a K-1 event and cheapens its image. I wasn’t there to see Stomp or The Blue Man Group…..or the VMAs…. or pro wrestling…… or a Deadmau5 concert.

      Not everyone is a big fan of dub step, rap or bass-heavy remixes with out of time beats that make good songs bad. The noise throughout the event was painfully annoying.

      Having said that, the music did fit the venue all too well – up to and including trash cans being used in a performance. And the sound system at the venue itself was horrid.

      I’ve been to many K-1 events over the years, so I am speaking from experience and stand by my opinion.

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