2012 Concerts

Way over 100 shows in 2012- a personal record!



This concert was pretty awesome. 

Not too long ago, I was having lunch with my friend.   There was music playing in the restaurant.    My friend asked me if the song playing was by Sting.   I said if it was, then it’s the worst Sting song ever.  Not being a radio listener, it usually takes me a while to check out the latest and greatest music.    I saw the video for the same song a few days later and recognized it.   Then I started hearing it just about everywhere I went.  .  I heard the name, but had no idea what type of music it was.   Being so unaware of this guy, , I’m not even sick of it, but can imagine it’s been totally played to death on radio.   I started to like it and could see why it’s so popular. 

When I saw that he was playing at the Greek, I actually considered going.  Then I wondered about the crowd and who would attend this show in terms of demographics.   It certainly wouldn’t be the type of crowd that I’m used to.   I figured they’d sing every word to the big hit and ruin it and then leave en masse only to wait for their stacked parked cars until the end of the show. I wanted to witness that, too.  I looked it up and it’s some guy named Wally De Backer who goes by Goyte.   I checked out his other tunes (who wants to go to a show for 4 minutes of music?) and liked them as well.  I think the style of music is called “Neurotic Exotica”, which is kind of cool.    When I was offered a ticket for this show in one the best spots of the venue, I committed to going.

I got there in time to see his entire set.  The stage set backdrops were great and the music was really good.   He did a lot of percussion and drumming while the rest of his band rocked, too.  There was lots of good jamming throughout.

When they played “Somebody That I Used to Know”, the audience actually sang along at the right parts and it worked out well.   Most people did make a mad dash for their cars after that tune, be he still played a few more songs that were worth sticking around for.     

There was cool electronica, funky bass playing and some interesting vocal effects on a couple songs.  I found the music to be slick and in parts, pretty uplifting.  

I stayed until the end and getting out of the parking lot and back on the freeway was easy as can be.  It was a beautiful evening, the band and music were great and it was a very nice time – I really enjoyed this show a lot more than I thought I would.   As good as a good evening can get.  Wally rocks.








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