2012 Concerts

Way over 100 shows in 2012- a personal record!

Phil Soussan Band and Open All-star Jam at Café Cordiale Sherman Oaks 8/15/2012


Rock-n-roll doesn’t get much better than this!  

I finally made it out to Sherman Oaks to the Café Cordiale to see a show.   I knew it was going to be good, but this show ended up being ridiculously good.

Phil Soussan is a rock-n-roll icon.   He’s played with tons of people over the years (Ozzy, Billy Idol, John Waite, etc. etc.)   His band is phenomenal (Phil Soussan- guitar/ vocals, David Filice- bass, Howie Simon- guitar, Jeff Bowders- drums).   Pure musicianship- these guys truly shred.    They played a lot of material from Phil’s solo albums in an absolutely killer set.  Phil also wrote “Shot In The Dark” (that’s him in the original video).  Here’s his version- this was the last song they played before the intermission prior to the open jam):






Ricky “Hollywood” Gordon and friends



What a talented room.  Tons of great musicians got up and played some killer tunes.


Here’s an incredible medley of Led Zeppelin and Deep Purple tunes (a tribute to Jon Lord).  Check out how sparkly JP Cervoni’s guitar is! 




 Jeff Scott Soto got up and played excellent versions “Too Much Time On My Hands” by Styx and “Crazy” by Seal.   Incredible.  I saw Seal in concert last week, so it was cool to see a heavy version of that tune. 



Cara Lee belted out some awesome tunes.



Brian “Hacksaw Williams” threw down some incredible vocals on a few tunes….




Brandon Mitchell, singer from 40 Cycle Hum, sang great with Jes Selane on guitar- I was very impressed with these guys.







Mark bought a couple of Phil’s albums and had them signed after the show.  Phil is a cool dude, for sure… 



I’ll definitely be back for their next show in two weeks.

6 comments on “Phil Soussan Band and Open All-star Jam at Café Cordiale Sherman Oaks 8/15/2012

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  6. Rene

    Man I really missed a good show. Hopefully Jeff & I can make it out to the show on the 29th.

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