2012 Concerts

Way over 100 shows in 2012- a personal record!

SEAL Nokia Theatre 8/7/2012

Being double-booked is always difficult.    I had two places to be tonight, so I decided to try and cut them as close to one another as possible and hope for the best.  Everything went really smooth and turned out really well.


First stop- Hollywood and Highland:



I caught a minute of a band playing at the Wine and Jazz festival- it may have just been their sound check, but it sure sounded good.  I would have stuck around for more jazz if I wasn’t already so busy.


Walking by the Hard Rock, I noticed all of Heart’s gear out front.   I was bummed I didn’t know about this show, but it was obvious they had just played a show there.  Crud.


Then, I somehow ended up at the wrong movie premiere- some movie called Freelancers with Robert DeNiro.  I walked up and they somehow had tickets for me.  I went in for a second and realized I was way out of place here- this was a red carpet-type deal- not the premiere of some action sports movie.      


After figuring out what happened, and immediately following the Nitro Circus 3-D premiere in Hollywood (great movie, BTW), it was a relay race of sorts from Hollywood and Highland to Downtown LA.    The movie ended after Macy Gray’s set concluded and Seal’s set started about 15 minutes before I was able to enter the theater.


I took a quick walk to the front.   Seal sounded great and had a wonderful backing band.  He was doing a lot of his songs from his new soul album- mostly songs I haven’t heard or even thought about in years. 

He did a fair amount of talking and story telling between songs.   He told a story of his “wife at the time” and his daughter- it was slightly uncomfortable to hear, but the song itself was tremendous.

The show highlights were “Kiss From a Rose” and a rocking version of “Crazy”.  He also di a great job recreating a lot of the old soul hits he performed.   It was a quality, energetic performance.    “Amazing” was a good way to finish out the show.  



This is one of those concerts that far exceeded my expectations.  

Seal Setlist NOKIA Theatre L.A. LIVE, Los Angeles, CA, USA 2012











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