2012 Concerts

Way over 100 shows in 2012- a personal record!

UFC ON FOX 4 Staples Center 8/4/2012

I’ve been to all 3 UFCs at The Staples Center.   I paid out the ass for the first one (UFC 60)- it was $1632 for 2 VIP tix.  That event was good.


The next one was UFC 100-something (103, maybe?)  I sat in the premier section.    It was pretty boring.


This one was great.  I scored an excellent seat and it didn’t break the bank.  The matches were exciting and it was still light out when the event concluded.   That left time to go to 2 more shows the same day!!



The referee/ judge with the really cool beard:


A whole bunch of fighters- JDS, Cung Le and several others:


Royce Gracie:


Britney Palmer rules!






Some dude got ejected for Throwing something into the ring:



Max from TMZ:



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