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Way over 100 shows in 2012- a personal record!


STEEL PANTHER House of Blues 7/2/2012

At the conclusion of Dream Theater at 11:00, I decided to go straight to the House of Blues for Steel Panther. I’ve been trying to hit two songs every time I go out. Lately, with a little timing and planning, I’m doing pretty good at it.  I had to fight with Hollywood Bowl traffic to get there (the Barry Manilow concert had just let out).   I should have probably avoided Highland and taken the 101 to Vine. Hindsight.

STEEL PANTHER House of Blues 7/2/2012



I got there, parked and went to the box office.   Getting in took forever.   They started with Eyes of Panther and almost finished it before I was able to get inside.   They talked A LOT during the show.   Along with the guitar solo,I think I only counted 7 or 8 songs they played. 

The highlights were “Critter”, “Don’t Stop Believin’” and “17 Girls In A Row”. Also, someone got onstage (they claimed it was Bon Scott brother) and sang a killer AC/DC song with the band- it sounded great. There were quite a few women up onstage. The concert came and went in a flash.  I am kind of sad that Barry Manilow didn’t show up and jam with the band- that would have been funny.   Regardless, it was another great Monday night in Hollywood. Heavy Metal is Back!!




STEEL PANTHER House of Blues 7/2/2012


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