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Way over 100 shows in 2012- a personal record!



I decided to take a huge chance and see if my 4 year old daughter could hang with me for an entire day in Hollywood with a visit to the Hollywood Bowl Museum, a picnic at the top of the Hollywood Bowl and the Glen Campbell farewell show top it off.  I’ve taken her to bluegrass concerts, jazz shows, she’s seen Ozomatli  a few times as well as some other shows, so she’s pretty well versed in attending events for a youngster,    She doesn’t like loud concerts, so I have to be careful when I take her to shows (no rock concerts for her!).  I figured we’d go with a musically-themed afternoon in preparation for our trip up the hill, so we made our rounds and got some good pictures of what we checked out.


We then drove up to the Bowl just after 3:00. I got a front row parking spot knowing full well that I didn’t want to get stacked in, since we’d most assuredly need to leave prior to the conclusion of the show.  We picked up our tickets to the show (the seats at will call were great!), walked the grounds, spent some time in the Hollywood Bowl Museum (almost everyone walks past it en route to the Bowl, but few actually stop in there to have a look) and had a little picnic in the park.   We sat on a bench near the walk way and listened to Jackson Browne do part of his sound check.  We also heard “Viva Las Vegas”, so we already knew a few songs that were going to be played.   She seemed to really like them as she danced around, so I knew she wouldn’t ask to leave until she was worn out. 


We looked at everything downstairs at the museum and we listened to classical, and many forms of Latin music through headphones in the listening station.  We even sat there and recalled the first few concerts she attended (which were nowhere near as exciting as the Hollywood Bowl, of course).  I am so happy that my daughter and I share the same love for music.  



We then went to the very top of the Bowl to take in the view. She was very eager to get to our seats. I told her we still had almost two hours to wait, but she insisted on going right away.  I complied.  We took a slow lap around the Bowl and found our seats.  After enjoying an early dinner, we sat there and watched the rest of the people arrive.  She got excited as the Bowl filled up.   I brought my old camera for her to take some pictures of the show. She’s a great photographer for her age. She loved taking pictures of the stage and really enjoyed getting acquainted with the people in our section.  I love how people tend to bond here at shows and I could tell everyone was pulling for me in hoping to be able to get through most of the show with her.  


I wasn’t too worried about the volume of the music, but it was actually just a little too loud for her. Luckily, I had several pairs of ear plugs on hand. 

Dawes came out around 7:00 and did a few originals. They were kind of overpowering and I didn’t immediately fall in love with their style of music. They were, however, an excellent backing band for the featured singers in their set that included  Jackson Browne, Kris Kristofferson, Jenny Lewis, and Lucinda Williams.  


Kris Kristofferson was great. He came out and immediately went into “Highway Man”. That made my day right there.


The twins were a real fan favorite in our section as they accompanied Jenny Lewis:


Jackson Browne was really good- he has such a distinctive voice- I would have loved to hear a few of his tunes as well (maybe next time he comes around):


We danced and sang and took pictures together.   It was a lot of fun.  Many people in our section were pretty amused by how well behaved and genuinely into the music she was.   In addition to getting compliments on her hair, she was also told that she was a good dancer.   She talked about that on the way home.   Sometimes, a compliment to a little kid really can mean the world to them.



We made it through to intermission, but I knew it was a matter of time before I was going to be made to leave. Completely understandable. We had been a the Bowl around 6 hours at this point. I had to start negotiating. She was getting tired, so I asked her if we could listen to two songs before we left. Glen came out and sounded wonderful. She really rocked out to both songs, but then she told me that two songs had elapsed and it was time to go. We said out goodbyes to our section and I made sure to take the long way out of the venue. As a result, I was able to enjoy a few more songs.


Glen sounded really good and his guitar playing was very impressive. It was awesome to be in the presence of such a music legend. It’s very unfortunate that he has to call it quits.



We left the parking lot at 9:30 and we both had an incredible day. She definitely wants to go back again soon for another daddy and daughter day at the Bowl.   It was a great day.  I’m considering getting her fitted for custom earplugs for the next show…


Set List

Gentle On My Mind
By The Time I get to Phoenix
Try A Little Kindness
Where’s The Playground Susie?
Didn’t We
I Can’t Stop Loving You
True Grit
Love Sick Blues

Duelin’ Banjo

Digging Deep
Hey Little One

Any Trouble
It’s Your Amazing Grace
Moon’s a Harsh Mistress
Wichita Lineman
Rhinestone Cowboy

Southern Nights
A Better Place


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