2012 Concerts

Way over 100 shows in 2012- a personal record!

Ministry Club Nokia 6/21/2012

Ministry Club Nokia 6/21/2012

All I really know about Ministry is they are considered “industrial” music and they have a video where a guy is puking in the toilet.   I’ve heard some of their music over the years and thought some of  it was sort of good and I couldn’t get into the rest of it.  I can’t seem to relate to it at all.

I’ve had great luck seeing shows at Club Nokia this year, so I figured I’d enjoy an afternoon at LA Live and check this show afterwards.  

After getting down there , visiting the Grammy Museum and enjoying a few beers at the Yard House, it was off to Club Nokia right after the first band played.  

I was completely shocked by the next band- Blackburner.   I had watched about a minute of one of their videos and, in doing so,  dismissed them as being kind of repetitive.  As a result of my snap judgment, I shut it off.   When they took the stage, they were completely awesome.  To this point, I couldn’t really stand dub-step, but this band was great and there was something that made it really stand out.    I never could understand the fascination with seeing live electronic music until now- this group just seems very exceptional at this moment.   This was the best takeaway of the evening.




Ministry Club Nokia 6/21/2012



Following this unexpectedly awesome set, there was a considerable wait before Ministry came on. They didn’t start their set on time and seemed to be having some problems. The first song sounded pretty good, but it was loud. Then the next song sounded like the first song. In fact, all the songs kind of sounded the same to me. But since the first song was pretty good and the rest were just like the first song,  by that logic alone, then I guess that made this was a pretty good concert.  The venue was noisy and loud (poor sound for a typically good venue- plus, losing my earplugs only compounded matters) and the crowd was absolutely horrible- spilling beer, pushing, shoving, moshing in walkways- it was ridiculous.   I’m not as young as I used to be and don’t really find enjoyment in standing in the same spot for hours on end. After getting about $100 worth of beer spilled on me over the course of a few songs and having to endure the inconvenience of being a non-participatory part of some makeshift slam pits, I took a walk around the venue. I even went outside for a while for air. I even stood in the bathroom for a minute to get a break.  I really tried to like this band, but I just didn’t dig it like I had hoped.  Not knocking them- just not my type of band, I guess.   I will go see Blackburner again- that was awesome.  Ministry has an awesome drummer and some of the jams were really good, but I think I’ll stick to Prong and Static-X when I’m in the mood for music similar to this.  

















Ministry Club Nokia 6/21/2012





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  6. steve

    There is no way they played NW0 2x

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