2012 Concerts

Way over 100 shows in 2012- a personal record!

Kenny Loggins The Canyon 6/19/2012


Kenny Loggins The Canyon Club 6/19/2012

This was my six or seventh Kenny Loggins concert.   He is the Chuck Norris of rock-n-roll.

He kicked so much ass here last Friday that he had to let the citizens of Agoura recover for 4 days before he returned to slay the Canyon Club again.

Once again, he ROCKED Caddyshack (“I’m Alright”, “the Doody Song”), Top Gun (Danger Zone”) and Footloose (title track) tonight.   The ultra-packed capacity crowd went wild and Kenny never missed a beat, either with the opener or as a headliner.    He did an interesting version of  “If This is It” (no Michael McDonald, either) and threw down on many of his very popular tunes.





Kenny Loggins The Canyon Club 6/19/2012


Kenny Loggins The Canyon Club 6/19/2012



Honestly, he really didn’t “bring it” like he did last time here…

Like last week, he did a great job playing all the tunes to a thrilled crowd that ranged in age from 50 to 119 years old.

He was even part of the opening act- Kenny is hardcore like that.

In addition to the advanced age of the crowd,  I could swear I even saw some ghosts in there.


Perhaps the next time he plays, the Canyon, Kenny will use a lot more profanity and destroy his instruments at the end of the concert.   That’s about all that was missing tonight.  


And one for the road…



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