2012 Concerts

Way over 100 shows in 2012- a personal record!

Kenny Loggins The Canyon Club 6/15/2012

Kenny Loggins The Canyon Club 6/15/2012


This was my fifth or sixth Kenny Loggins concert.   He’s like the Chuck Norris of rock-n-roll.  He didn’t really impress me the last time he played the Canyon, but the 64 year old really brought it tonight.   I think he mentioned this was the first time he’s played this year.    If that’s the case, I think the break did him good.  His band also sounded great tonight and honestly, I didn’t really like them the last time out.   He is the undisputed king of 80s soundtracks and he covered his tunes from Caddyshack (“I’m Alright”, “the Doody Song”), Top Gun (Danger Zone”) and Footloose (title track) tonight.   The ultra-packed capacity crowd went wild and Kenny hardly missed a beat.    He also nailed his hit “Don’t Fight It” (how cool would it be to see Steve Perry guest on this song?), “If This is It” (no Michael McDonald, either) and many of his other timeless classics that may or may not contain vocal tracks by other famous/ popular guest singers (like Stevie Nicks).  He even threw down with some Loggins and Messina- awesome!   He also nailed a version of Crossroads that kind of fell flat at his last outing at the Canyon, so it was complete redemption this evening. Best of all, the people behind me talked the entire show, so it was a real treat to hear a conversation going on during all the tunes with no “social intermission” whatsoever.   Lucky me.  OK- that part sucked.   Kenny definitely still has it and I will be back to witness his next show here in the area- I think it’s next Tuesday.  








I think this was the set list for the show:

  1. Conviction of the Heart

  2. Whenever I Call You Friend

  3. Danny’s Song (Loggins & Messina song)

  4. House at Pooh Corner

  5. Your Mama Don’t Dance / Old Time Rock and Roll / Young Blood / Chain of Fools / Fever / Kiss

  6. Angry Eyes

  7. This Is It  (Acoustic Version)

  8. Leap of Faith

  9. Celebrate Me Home

  10. Mr. Night

  11. I’m Alright

  12. Encore:
  13. Don’t Fight It / Danger Zone / Footloose

    Kenny Loggins The Canyon Club 6/15/2012

  14. Crossroads(Cream cover)

  15. Encore 2:
  16. Forever


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Kenny Loggins The Canyon Club 6/15/2012


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