2012 Concerts

Way over 100 shows in 2012- a personal record!


I unknowingly became aware of Lorn in 2004 at a Beastie Boys show   He was out front of the Universal Amphitheatre (it wasn’t Gibson yet) offering to sing and dance in exchange for a ticket to the show. I was admittedly thrown off by his odd form of “busking”.  A few minutes later, someone walked up and just handed him some tickets.  I was completely floored.   After upgrading at the venue to front row orchestra, I had two extra tickets that I was willing to dump for cheap. People were low-balling me on price so badly (the best offer was $10 for the pair, which was rather insulting at the time for good center loge tickets),I didn’t even bother to get rid of them and just pocketed them instead (in case we wanted to leave the venue during the opener and come back later on).


I went to the first few shows of the at the Hollywood Bowl for the 2010 concert season.   Afterwards, I went home and searched the Internet for any video content so I could maybe re-watch a part of one of the recent shows I had seen there.   That’s when I found youtellconcerts.com.     I was fascinated with the concept of someone interviewing people for their reactions after a show and thought the interviewer did a really great job getting people to discuss their concert experience.  I remember rushing past him a few times to get to my car (a la “the mad dash to get on the 101 and get home!”) as he tried to get interviews of fan reactions to concerts they had just seen.  I ended up spending the remainder of that evening watching some of his extensive catalog of video concert reviews.  I then made the connection and it dawned on me that the guy that was looking for a free ticket years ago was really doing something great for the Internet concert community.   

I returned to the Hollywood Bowl the next week for another show and ran into Lorn during intermission.  I briefly talked to him about concerts.  I ran into him again before a show at the House of Blues the following year and talked with him some more.   I’ve checked out a good portion of his videos along the way.  Needles to say, I’m a big fan of what Lorn does.

I was hoping at some point he’d do his video review of a Steel Panther show.


I made last minute plans with my fellow concert buddy Alex to go see Steel Panther and thought it would be a great idea to invite Lorn along so we could learn some stuff from him, experience a show from his perspective, and tap into his concert brilliance. 

A few e-mails later and it was all set up.   Lorn, Alex and I met at The Rainbow and had a killer pizza while we discussed concerts and some ideas on how to document them properly.  It was a “Concert Summit” of sorts. And to my surprise, Lorn’s knowledge went way beyond anything that I expected – and I already had a lot of respect for him to begin with.


We then made our way to the House of Blues before Steel Panther had hit the stage.  I was happy to learn that Lorn had never seen Steel Panther before.  I figured that would make it an even more meaningful review.    I’ve seen them at least 20 times and Alex has seen them 14 or 15 times as well.  Alex once commented that he almost always sees the same people at the shows he attends- I think he nailed it right there- especially a Monday night at the House of Blues.


We got into the venue and watched Steel Panther do their thing.



Lorn and Alex getting ready for some awesome heavy metal.  Heavy metal is back!





After the show, we went out front and Lorn caught a few interviews with people that were heading home for the evening- Lorn got some good footage and interviewed Ricky, the undisputed king of Steel Panther fans..

Here’s the YTC video that Lorn did for the show:


I also did a “behind the scenes”, where I filmed him filming some of the people for his video review. It was a lot of fun to shadow him and some of the stuff that happened around him that was edited out was pretty funny.  Lots of random funny stuff to check out.

Ricky outside- the true undisputed king of Steel Panther fans:


One of the nicest rides on Sunset that evening:


Lorn doing his video “wrap up”:


This was another fun Monday on The Strip.   It’s always cool to get a different perspective on concert-going and to see someone doing something so original.   Thanks to Lorn and Alex for taking the time and for putting up with me all evening.


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