2012 Concerts

Way over 100 shows in 2012- a personal record!



Eric Sardinas is easily the most entertaining slide/ blues guitarist and singer I’ve ever seen.  He has a great reputation in the industry and was one of the first artists signed to Steve Vai’s Favored Nations label.  I’d heard some of his stuff before in passing, but have never really sat down and listened to his albums in their entirety.  I should have paid better attention.    Backed by an incredible drummer and bass player (Chris Frazier and Levell Price), it was quite impressive to hear so much good singing and guitar playing for a solid hour and a half.   He even looks the part of a complete bad ass blues player.  And for that matter, Levell looks the part of a bad ass blues bass player- kind of ZZ Top meets Lynyrd Skynyrd. More often than not, I usually want to head for the door after 5 minutes of blues guitar – something about it usually bores me to tears (just being honest).  However,  I didn’t once glance toward the exit during the show.   That sure was a lot of music to only come from just a couple of musicians and this truly was a commanding performance.   I’ve heard twice as many players not fill up half the space these guys did.  At a few points during the show, Eric walked away from the microphone, stomped on the stage while he played along and sang at the same time.  I could truly feel the music – it was deep, honest and sincere.    The rhythm section was also spectacular and Chris Frazier delivered a very powerful drum solo.   Chris has played with some other very impressive musical acts before (Steve Vai, Whitesnake, Edgar Winter, Eddie Money) and I was really glad to see him jamming on the kit.   I didn’t think I’d enjoy this show nearly as much as I did.   And afterwards, he was very cool with the people in attendance that waited back after the show to meet him.   In addition to being a monster blues musician, he also seems like a real nice guy….    I hope he comes back to the Canyon and plays again soon.  

Also, I got there early and some ripping blues was going on in the parking lot- JP’s Evil Blues Band was playing.   I immediately noticed Mike Hansen on the drums from Hurricane.   They absolutely rocked and should have gone on later, so more people could have enjoyed them.  I made it a point after the show to tell JP Cervoni and Mike that they rocked.  I guess this was Mike’s first show with the band.  I regret not getting there earlier for the entire set.     I hope to see them again as well.  

Some of Eric’s Best Tunes:

Worried Mind Blues Flames Of Love I Can’t Be Satisfied Down To Whiskey County Line Road To Ruin Hellhound On My Trail It’s Nothin’ New My Sweet Time Full Tilt Mama Texola Piece Of Me Behind The 8



Eric is a true super hero on the guitar and vocals!





Notice how Eric is left-handed, but he plays guitar “the normal way” (right-handed) I always find that interesting when that’s the case..


Eric Sardinas hanging with Carol and Armando (great people and fans of some great music)….IMG_0125IMG_0127IMG_0128IMG_0124IMG_0129IMG_0130IMG_0131

A picture of a picture:





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