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Nik Kai’s Voting party @ On The Rox, Hollywood, CA – May 4th, 2012

Nik Kai’s Voting party @ On The Rox, Hollywood, CA – May 4th, 2012

Guest post/ recap/review by Alex LuceroIMG_1679



It was a night to remember, a night to celebrate, and definitely a night to party! If you’re reading this, you already know about Nik Kai. For those of you who need to catch up, Nik Kai is an 11 year old phenom with music abilities only seen through some of the music industry’s biggest rock stars. Nik is currently nominated for an award from Metal Hammer, a heavy metal publication from the UK, and this night was to help celebrate his nomination, as well as to remind people to vote for Nik. On hand to celebrate Nik Kai’s nomination were several bands traveling from Phoenix, San Francisco, and of course, Hollywood (Nik played with this band, but more on that a little later).

Kicking off the night was Angry Arcade, and not only did they get the party started, it was also their first time performing in public! Angry Arcade’s alternative style will set them far in the future, and from what we heard, they will do just fine in the alternative festival circuit.


Next up from San Francisco was Freex (pronounced Freaks). Freex is not your conventional rock band, their beats and melodies are familiar, but the vocals and dancing are not. The interesting thing about this band, other than the lead singer running all over the room, is that they are a “free expression” band. From the way the lead singer expresses his emotions in his lyrics and the tone of his voice, to the way he dances to the grove of the music, Freex is definitely a band you have to experience.





Following the Freex performance, was a local band simply known as The Chimpz. The Chimpz are a local hip-hop/ heavy-metal band from the San Fernando Valley, who as I can tell you, will go very far. Mixing in freestyle hip-hop verses with heavy metal riffs is a tough thing to pull, but as The Roxy soon noticed, if you have heart, passion, and a hell of a lot of talent, it can be pulled off. These guys gave it their all in their set, and instantly gained the attention of the club. As their set came to an end, they asked Nik Kai to join them onstage to play a song with them. The Chimpz, as a band, are incredible, but once you introduce Nik Kai into the mix, you have something magical.

photo 1image141photo 3

Nik Kai and The Chimpz finish up their song, and soon the room is quickly buzzing about Nik and his tremendous talent. You could feel the energy in the club as we wait for the next band to play.





The next band on the bill was Back from Ashes, from Phoenix Arizona. Think of Mudvayne and Disturbed having a child, and you have Back from Ashes. It’s easy to head bang to their music, but hard to contain yourself from moshing, especially in a small club. Back from Ashes gave a solid performance, and left me wanting more.


Before Fatal Error hit the stage to close off the voting party, everyone was given Monster Energy Drinks to help promote Nik’s recent sponsorship with Monster. I would like to take a quick second and say that Monster Energy Drinks are delicious, they really are!


Once we got several pictures of Nik and the people at On The Rox holding up their energy drinks, we were well underway to a hard hitting set by Fatal Error, who also happen to be from Phoenix, Arizona. Once again, it was difficult to not start a mosh pit in a small club. The thing about Phoenix, Arizona that people need to know, is that they are a heavy-metal town. Great bands have come out of Phoenix, as we witnessed tonight, and many more will continue to come.  Every band that played this night were excellent, and Fatal Error was no exception. I would love to see them play in their hometown one day, so hopefully KUPD is reading this and will plan to add them to the “End of Summer Scorcher” festival.

imageimagephoto 2image

Before the voting party came to an end, Nik thanked everyone and wished his best friend, SteVille of Angry Arcade, a Happy Birthday. Nik, being the sweet kid that he is, gave SteVille an iPod touch preloaded with the Jammit app for him to enjoy. Such an emotional moment between two friends!

Once the presents and hugs were taken care of, the music started playing, and heads started banging. Nik took charge of the music and filled the Hollywood nightclub with monster guitar riffs! Nik and Fatal Error jammed for a few songs, and left everyone satisfied, what a combination! Finally, to end the night, Nik played some Pantera guitar riffs that would make Dimebag Darrell very proud.

Make sure to vote for Nik Kai here:





“Like” his nomination page on Facebook:

Also, be sure to follow @TeamNikKai on twitter for all things Nik Kai related!


On The Rox
Steville- Angry Arcade
The Chimpz with Nik Kai
Back From Ashes
Fatal Error with Nik Kai


Noelle Kim-Retes- producer and Marcus Du Mouchel- photgrapher (link to his pictures of this event will be provided when/if possible):


Cory Draper- Pure Rock Radio:


Metal DJ Will


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