2012 Concerts

Way over 100 shows in 2012- a personal record!


This was the second annual showcase at The Canyon for Rock Nation- a local rock school.   It was a music recital of sorts, only there were rock stars that sat in with the students on several of the songs with the event culminating with an all-star jam at the end.  How cool is that?  It’s a great concept for  good causes and I was really eager to attend. 


Unfortunately, I arrived a little late and heard a female voice singing an Asia song as I made my way through the parking lot.  I guess I missed John Payne’s performance with the students.   He played with Asia at The Canyon a few years ago- that show was incredible.   

What I found really neat was the panel of rock stars that sat up front and critiqued the student musicians in the bands after each of their performances.   Known as the “nicest guy in rock-n-roll”, Rudy Sarzo offered a lot of well-deserved praise and advice for the up and coming rock stars.   Bruce Kulick was pretty hilarious in some of his assessments.    They each got up and played some tunes with the kids before playing together at the end of the show. 

As the kids were rocking out, my friend asked me why there wasn’t anything like this when we were kids.   I couldn’t agree more.  These kids really rocked with solid vocals, bass playing, guitar playing and drumming throughout.  


Bruce Kulick playing some tunes with the kids



My favorite part of the show was when Rudy Sarzo got up and talked about Ozzy for a bit before playing an Ozzy and Sabbath tune with the kids.   They rocked it.


Thomas Lang filled in on drums for an absent Steven Adler on some G-n-R songs.  As stated at the show, Thomas is a powerhouse of the drums and delivered a thundering performance on the kit along with the kids.  What a great opportunity to see an incredible drummer.


Robert Sarzo looking on during the all-star jam:


One of the stars of the show was definitely Joey Goldstein- he was a great singer (we were blown away by the tunes he sang) and he also played some mean guitar on “Sails of Charron” on some other tunes he got up and played.  The bass player and drummer of his groups were also great.   I’d definitely go see them play again, for sure.

Here’s Joey singing “Sinner’s Swing”- what an excellent song to cover!:

And here’s Joey performing The Scorpions “Sails of Charron” on guitar and vocals.   They totally nailed it.   Another great song choice and excellent performance!


The All-star jam was pretty cool.  Lots of great players.    They did a Zeppelin tune (“Rock-n-Roll), a Bon Jovi tune (“It’s My Life”, Stevie Wonder’s “Superstition”, and “I was Made For Loving You” by KISS.


A blurry picture of the Sarzo Brothers on their way out.


Andre and Rudy in the parking lot…


I’m looking forward to next year’s event!!


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  8. Anonymous

    Great watching all these bands

  9. Rock Nation

    Truly amazing page! Great coverage on the event. You rock!!!

  10. Wendy Goldstein

    Great Event! Thanks for the nice word for Joey and his band.

    • ConcertDude

      Cool. Joey totally rocks and I’m impressed- please tell him he did a great job!!

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