2012 Concerts

Way over 100 shows in 2012- a personal record!

Michael Schenker with Robin McAuley (MSG) at the Canyon Club 3/23/2012

Another excellent evening at the Canyon.   We got there around the time the band took the stage.   There were lots of die hards and recognizable music people in the crowd.  At the merch booth, they were actually selling a white Marshall stack for $1000 that had been used on the tour.   I thought twice about it- that’s a killer deal.   Anyhow, There was an awesome backdrop for the stage.  The band came out and tore through an hour and a half plus of awesome tunes.


The band did some solo tunes- both old and new, a few Scorpions tunes and a bunch of UFO songs to close out the set.

The Show’s Set List:


    Too Hot To Handle, Lights Out, Rock Bottom and Doctor Doctor were the standout tunes.


    Schenker sounded as good as expected on the guitar.   It was a real good show by a solid band.



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