2012 Concerts

Way over 100 shows in 2012- a personal record!

George Thorogood and The Destroyers The Canyon Club 3/4/2012


I saw George play here last year in April and that show was awesome- one of my favorites for the year.   This show was very good as well.    The last time, I drank a lot of beer for the show (after all, this is drinking music) and his set seemed to fly by.   This time, I only had coffee on my way to the venue, so I was interested in seeing if it was going to be as enjoyable without a killer buzz.  I can safely say it was (no pun intended).     Like last time, the place was packed.    He’s one of the larger acts that plays the club and everyone shows up for him.   At 62 years old, George can still rock with the best of them.  Ronnie Montrose passed away yesterday at 64 (RIP) and he shredded the Canyon last year as well.     George’s guitar playing is still incredible and he can still belt out most of the tunes without any noticeable difficulty.   He did seem winded a few times and couldn’t seem to get all the lyrics out at every verse, but he gets a pass for having done this so well for so many years.    Also, his set list was very similar to last time, but he plays all the hits and does a very fine job at it….   The slide guitar playing and his stage presence were the highlights of the show.     The crowd of over 1,000 people seemed to really enjoy the show.   I know I did.


Set List:

Sweet Little Rock and Roller

The Fixer

Ride on Josephine

I Drink Alone

One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer

Cocaine Blues

Seventh Son

Get A Haircut

Bad To The Bone

Move It On Over

Tail Dragger

You Talk Too Much

Madison Blues







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