2012 Concerts

Way over 100 shows in 2012- a personal record!

Tommy Emmanuel Club Nokia 2/15/2012


What an incredible talent on the guitar this guy is.  I heard about him about a year ago and checked out some of his vids.   His PBS special is outstanding, so he’s been on my radar for must-see shows.   I’ve seen many great guitarists and as far as I’m concerning this guy is up there at the top of the heap.  I was completely blown away by his performance on many levels.   Not only is he a great guitarist, he’s also entertaining, incredibly musical, friendly, funny and he taught a lot about making music as he put on a true guitar clinic-worthy show.   His stories were great, his guitar playing is just unbelievable- just one guy, acoustic guitar, over two hours of solid entertainment- that’s impressive.  He has great rhythm, a great sense of melody, has ferocious technique and takes the acoustic guitar to places it’s never been.  His Beatles medley was phenomenal, he did some Chet Adkins and rocked the house with his originals and inventive playing style.    Without a doubt, he’s easily the best acoustic guitarist I’ve seen this year and one of the greatest players I’ve ever witnessed anywhere.









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