2012 Concerts

Way over 100 shows in 2012- a personal record!


I’ve been an MMA fan for a long time- about 16 years.   I have been to almost 50 UFCs, K-1s, Strikeforces and all the other events that have gone under over the years.   I was in Vegas and decided to see if I could attend the show.   I stood out front for a while trying to score an extra without paying box office prices.  I realized that wearing a suit wasn’t good for haggling, so I went and changed into a wrinkly shirt and some pants.   I sat at at a video poker machine and overheard a guy trying to get rid of extra seats.   Having just memorized the map, I asked him where the seats were.   He said Section 101.   That’s a great section and tickets were going for around $100.   I had $2 in my hand and $40 in my front pocket, so I offered him that much and he took it.   Dead center about 10 rows back.   It was perfect.   Thanks to Chris for hooking me up!!





My “souvenir” from the event:

photo (12)

Pictures from the Green Valley Ranch parking structure after the event:




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